A Look Back at 2019 in Kanata and West Carleton

Published on December 29, 2019

A Year-End Review of the Monthly MPP Reports 

For residents of Kanata and West Carleton, here is a look back at 2019 through the monthly newsletters of Merrilee Fullerton. Each month, the Kanata-Carleton provincial representative publishes a MPP Report. Below find the direct links to each publication.

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And this was the year 2019... 

January MPP Report - More than 200 people joined me January 5th at the Kanata Legion Branch 638 to celebrate the MPP New Year’s Levee (Note: this year we will be celebrating 2020 at the Legion on Saturday, January 4 - read the details here.)  

February MPP Report - There is mention of my discussion with hospice volunteer Sheila Brady and Stephen Whitehead, the Chair of the Board of Hospice Care Ottawa, and my tour of the Ruddy-Shenkman Hospice in Kanata.

March MPP Report - Photos of my visits to Kanata and West Carleton small businesses. This photo is at the Oui8 Bakery on Hazeldean Road. Also this MPP Report has photos of the Ontario Premier's visit to Kanata North - read more about the Premier in Kanata-Carleton here.  

April MPP Report - News of the volunteers efforts filling sand bags to protect properties from the Ottawa River flood waters in Constance Bay, Fitzroy Harbour and throughout West Carleton. The Ontario Premier toured the flood zone in late April - read more about this visit here and more about the Province's response on behalf of the residents of West Carleton here.  

May MPP Report - The Minister of Ontario Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Minister and Minister of Labour joined me to meet with the Kanata North Business Association. KNBA Chairperson Amy MacLeod and Executive Director Veronica Farmer provided a briefing on Kanata North's current business climate and the ministers discussed Ottawa's high technology business interests. For news and more photos of the meeting, click here.

June MPP Report - Here I am enjoying some fantastic ribs at the Kanata RibFest, a great family event with delicious food, live music and a midway!

July MPP Report - Read about a number of heath care announcements made for Ottawa, including new money for the Ottawa Hospital, the Ottawa Paramedic Services, and CHEO. Read more about this funding for our City: Health Care Funding for Ottawa Health Institutions

August MPP Report - News of the Kanata-Carleton Seniors Roundtable hosted at my Community Office to discuss matters relating to health care, local medical services and public transit. 

September MPP Report - It was exciting to recently be at the "Ride the Pod" international launch event in Kanata North where I was in the inaugural ride of the driverless pod with Sir Terry Matthews. Read more about this event in my Community Voice column

October MPP Report - I looked back at the fun times with constituents at the Carp Fair. If you have yet to see my photo album, I shared observations and photos here:  New Memories Made at This Year's Carp Fair.  

November MPP Report - See photos and read about the local Remembrance Day Services in West Carleton and Kanata. Here I am with my good friend WWII veteran Dr. Roly Armitage, who I was pleased to thank for his service to the country.

December MPP Report - Here is a photo from the “Unload the Bus” event hosted by the Kanata Food Cupboard, a wonderful community event to assist those in our community who are less fortunate. Also this month the Ontario Premier again visited Kanata-Carleton to tour and meet with businesses in Kanata North - read more on the Premier's visit here.

Finally, in 2019, I announced a Community Volunteer Initiative to raise greater awareness of the wonderful charities and volunteer organizations in our community (click here for the news release). I also recently provided an update on the progress being made with the Kanata-Carleton High Tech and Business Initiative (click here to read the update). 

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