A New Year: Time to Look Back and Forward

Published on January 25, 2020

The January MPP column in Community Voice  

Did you know that the month of January is named after the ancient Roman god Janus, the god of beginnings, gates, doorways, passages – and the god of endings. Janus is configured with two faces, as he gazes both into the future and into the past. I was thinking of Janus when speaking to guests at the MPP New Year’s Levee at the Kanata Legion on Saturday the 4th.

First, let me thank those who came out to the levee to celebrate with me the promises of 2020. It was great to talk with so many from across Kanata and West Carleton and I particularly liked speaking with the young people who came out with their families.

In Janus-like fashion I had a chance to share with my levee guests both my 2019 reflections and 2020 goals. In looking back I mentioned the tribulations and the coming together of our community in meeting the challenges of the spring Ottawa River floods and aftermath of the West Carleton tornadoes. I believe the resiliency of our community and its residents is remarkable and it defines the special character of our home.

I was also pleased to report on the good work of so many volunteer groups. Last July I started the Community Volunteer Initiative to strengthen our local charities, philanthropic groups, and sports and neighbourhood associations. In a similar vein, I briefly reviewed the multiple events that advanced the goals set with my High Tech and Business Initiative. These local activities will continue through 2020 and you can keep track of the progress on my MPP website: merrileefullerton.ca.

In looking ahead I will continue to speak out at Queen’s Park on local issues, whether it be for our share of heath care funding, greater individual and small business tax relief, or for emergency programs and services such as those that supported West Carleton residents in their time of need. My community office staff are also prepared to help when you may need assistance with provincial government services. And please call the office if you are having problems with Ontario licences or in accessing programs and services.

In the weeks ahead I will be launching a new, local youth initiative (stay tuned!), hosting a roundtable on volunteerism in our community, and meeting with business groups and individuals to discuss their fiscal priorities as part of the Province’s pre-budget consultations. It will be a busy start to 2020!

Finally, let me take this opportunity to invite all West Carleton and Kanata residents to my MPP Skates. I have two skating events scheduled: 11 – 1 on February 17 (Family Day) at Kanata’s Bell Sensplex, and 11 – 1 on March 16 (start of March Break) at the Cavanagh Sensplex in Kinburn. The details are found on my website: merrileefullerton.ca.