Fullerton Is Encouraging Youth: “Let’s Get Active”

Published on March 12, 2020

MPP Launches New Initiative To Urge Young People To Become More Physically Active

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton – family physician and Kanata-Carleton MPP – has launched a new community initiative designed to urge young people to become more physically active. The family-doctor-turned-provincial-representative has a concern that today’s youth are not active enough and she wishes to raise awareness on the many health benefits of being physically active.

Today on her website, the local MPP released an introductory paper “Let’s Get Active.” This paper sets out the objectives of Fullerton’s initiative: to get youth active in sports and recre-ational activities so that they will develop healthy lifelong habits regarding physical activity.

“Throughout my career in medicine, I have always stressed the significance of physical activity as the essential element to a person’s good health,” says MPP Fullerton. “I believe being active is especially important for young people whose bodies and minds are developing. Physical activity strengthens the body and mind. This is more significant today than at any time in our history because of our sedentary lifestyles and computer culture.”

“So, today, I am pleased to introduce to Kanata-Carleton residents an initiative that highlights the multiple positive health benefits that lead to better physical, mental, and social wellbeing.”

Let’s Get Active” presents 12 positive health effects that physical activity has on our youth. The document also provides background resources for further inquiry.

MPP Fullerton explains she will work with local community and youth organizations – and with youth directly. She plans to:   

  • raise greater awareness of the benefits of physical activity by sharing news and information with community leaders and youth organizations
  • promote physical activities on social media – by introducing a new #OttawaGetActive awareness campaign
  • profile youth stories – and shine a light on individuals who will share their experiences on how physical activity has made a difference in their lives

“For those wishing to participate in this initiative, please contact my Community Office. I welcome everyone who would like to contribute. I am looking forward to getting the word out in our community and getting our young people more active,” says Fullerton.

Read the MPP’s introductory paper “Let’s Get Active.”

Media Contact for Merrilee Fullerton, MPP:

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