Introducing the Kanata-Carleton Community Volunteer Initiative

Published on July 12, 2019

The July MPP column in Our Community Voice -- reflecting on the benefits of volunteerism in our community 

Our Community Voice, July 11, 2019 -- As a physician, as a mother, and as a resident who has volunteered throughout my life, I know how important the act of volunteering is to one’s health and well-being. We are social by nature. So, to volunteer leads to a healthier and happier individual by making those meaningful social connections to others.

Volunteering is also integral to a community’s health. It develops social networks of people and fosters friendships and a greater understanding of each other. It also provides essential programs and services that can help bond groups of people and neighbourhoods. In this way volunteerism strengthens the community.   

I was pleased earlier this week to launch the Kanata-Carleton Community Volunteer Initiative. My objective is to raise the level of awareness of the benefits that volunteering offers individuals. I hope to encourage greater volunteer engagement in our community and provide information to have residents involved with volunteer activities that interest them.

There are many ways to get involved in our community -- neighborhood organizations, arts and historic groups, sports organizations, professional associations and social service organizations. These volunteer groups provide an invaluable service to our community – and to those who get involved. Volunteering provides rewarding, memorable life experiences for everyone.

With the many benefits of volunteering, here is the challenge I would like to present to residents of Kanata-Carleton. Consider what volunteer group or local effort you wish to contribute to in the next year. Commit. Volunteer. When you do, I want to hear your story. Contact me so that we can share the experiences. I believe that, together, we can build a sense of momentum for good things to occur in our community.

As your MPP, here are the core activities I will undertake to achieve greater rates of volunteerism in our community.

1) My Community Office will serve residents as a community resource. Call / connect with us and we will make the connection to the volunteer group(s) that you are most interested in.

2) As your Kanata-Carleton MPP, I will profile volunteer groups in our community. I plan to promote a new community group or cause every week through social media and with the MPP website. 

3) I will create opportunities to encourage greater volunteerism -- to promote the many positive elements of volunteerism, particularly with our young citizens and our seniors.    

Visit my website to read more about the Kanata-Carleton Community Volunteer Initiative. Contact the Community Office to volunteer in our Kanata-Carleton community.