Kanata-Carleton Small Business Round Table

Published on October 12, 2018

MPP’s Roundtable with Local Business Provides Input on Cutting Red Tape and Improving Business Climate

October 12, 2018 - Local businesses in Kanata and West-Carleton participated in a small business roundtable today, hosted by Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, Kanata-Carleton MPP. Business owners and representatives had a chance to discuss their views on ways to grow the Province’s economy and foster a better local business climate. 

MPP Michael Parsa, the Parliamentary Assistant for Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, traveled to Kanata to take part in the local MPP’s roundtable. There were more than a dozen businesspersons at the table to discuss the local business scene.  

“It is important to hear directly from the business community on ways the government can reduce barriers to their growth and prosperity,” says MPP Fullerton. “I wanted to ensure the voice of West Carleton and Kanata businesses were heard in the consultations that are shaping our Government’s actions to reduce the more than 380,000 business regulations in Ontario.”

“My colleague Michael Parsa will be working with Minister Jim Wilson to improve the conditions for existing small businesses and to send a clear signal to those who are looking at our Province to move their enterprise that “Ontario is open for business,”” says MPP Fullerton.

The local MPP explained the government is focused on bringing quality jobs back to Ontario by lowering taxes, stabilizing hydro bills and cutting red tape. “I am working with local business groups, the Kanata North’s tech community, and the agri-food businesses in West Carleton to strengthen our local economy. It was good that a number of business owners and representatives had a chance to speak about their issues at the round table session.”

Business owners and employees, as well as entrepreneurs who wish to make their views known on the Provincial Government’s small business consultations can still do so by writing MPP Fullerton – either via email at [email protected] or mail to the Kanata-Carleton Community Office at:

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, MPP

Community Office

240 Michael Cowpland Dr., Suite 100

Kanata, Ontario  K2M 1P6



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