MPP Fullerton: Consider shopping at your local businesses

Published on December 13, 2019

Shop Local 

November 29, 2019 & Reposted December 13, 2019 – MPP Merrilee Fullerton encourages her constituents to buy locally in Kanata and West Carleton through this holiday season. The Kanata-Carleton MPP has been active promoting “Shop Local” as part of her business initiative to spur local business.

“I hope we might all consider buying from the business owner and employees down the street,” says MPP Fullerton. “Shop locally, eat in local restaurants, and stay in Kanata and West Carleton establishments when planning your entertainment over the holiday season. And this Christmas, before you buy that gift on-line, think first about purchasing it from a local business.”

Fullerton explains that small business accounts for 98% of all businesses in Ontario. There are over 400,000 small businesses each employing fewer than 100 people. Many enterprises are locally owned. She states, “It is important to support our local businesses because they make our community more prosperous and our local economy stronger.”

MPP is currently conducting a “Shop Local” campaign in social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. She encourages Kanata-Carleton residents to share these posts to raise greater awareness about the importance of shopping within the community.

Social Media Links: MPP Merrilee Fullerton here on Facebookand on Twitter.

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