MPP Fullerton Hosts Roundtable On Volunteerism In Our Community

Published on February 05, 2021

Supporting local volunteer organizations and helping to raise public awareness

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, Kanata-Carleton MPP, hosted a Roundtable On Volunteerism In Our Community for Kanata and West Carleton community associations and volunteer organizations on Thursday, February 4, 2021.  A dozen local representatives came together for a Zoom call discussion on the impact COVID-19 has had on volunteer groups, re-engaging volunteers, and profiling the value of volunteerism in our community.

This roundtable was the second facilitated discussion the MPP has hosted in an effort to support local volunteer organizations in fulfilling their mission, and to help raise public awareness of the benefits volunteering offers individuals.

“I believe a sign of a healthy community is the health and vibrancy of its community groups and volunteer organizations – and vice versa, strong, health volunteer groups make for healthy and enriched communities,” says Merrilee Fullerton.  

In 2019 MPP Fullerton released the Kanata-Carleton Community Volunteer Initiative with the objective to encourage greater volunteer engagement and provide information that would get residents involved with volunteer activities that interest them. In January 2020 the local MPP held her first roundtable discussion and details from that meeting and a follow-up report was shared with three dozen volunteer organizations in Kanata, West Carleton and across Ottawa.

Merrilee Fullerton believes the 2021 Volunteer Roundtable was rewarding for those who participated, “There were many thoughtful observations made by our community groups, who are all very committed to serving the public and to helping our community recover from what has been a trying period for many. Nobody could have foreseen the societal disruption caused by the pandemic, but from what I heard I know our local groups are prepared to do their part in restoring the opportunities and positive experiences that only a community volunteer group can provide us.”

“Though this Zoom call roundtable was different from our in-person discussion last year, it was still an effective exchange of ideas and very inspiring,” says Fullerton.    

MPP Fullerton thanks the meeting facilitator Jeff Mills, Community Engagement Director for Carebridge Community Support of Almonte. Mills is a strong advocate for the practices of Asset-Based Community Development and he draws on a wealth of professional and personal experiences in leading a discussion. MPP Fullerton says of Jeff Mills, “He is insightful and his probing comments helped us to reflect and expand our understanding of the value of volunteer activities. Many thanks to Jeff.”

There will be a report issued from the exchanges and materials shared at the Volunteer Roundtable. MPP Fullerton will reconvene the participants for follow-up exchanges and she is planning another Volunteer Roundtable in September to revisit issues facing volunteer groups in Kanata and West Carleton.  

Interested volunteer organizations that would like to receive a copy of the volunteer report and future materials from MPP Fullerton’s office can send their requests to Tiffany Lepack of the Kanata-Carleton MPP Community Office -- [email protected]


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