MPP Fullerton invites Ontarians to 155th Carp Fair

Published on September 20, 2018

MPP Fullerton invites all Ontarians to the 155th Carp Fair

The MPP for Kanata-Carleton recently rose in the Provincial Legislature to invite Ontarians to the 155th Carp Fair.

In the Legislature, Merrilee Fullerton stated: “Carp was named one of the friendliest communities in Canada, and it is easy to understand why. This year, from September 20 to 23 is the 155th Carp Fair, called “the best little fair in Canada,” and you’re all invited.”

The MPP will be attending all activities through the fair weekend, including Thursday Homecoming dinner, Saturday noon official opening ceremonies and the fair events through Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Merrilee Fullerton has actively been promoting the Carp Fair on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Earlier this week, the local MPP was in southwestern Ontario celebrating the contributions of Ontario farmers and the agricultural sector at the 2018 International Ploughing Match. The Government Caucus all made the trek to Chatham to show their support for Ontario farmers.

While at the ploughing match, Fullerton boosted of “the best little fair in Canada.” She shared with her colleagues the fun to be had through the fair weekend. She says, “Many of my colleagues are from rural parts of Ontario and their communities host fairs. But I tell them that none are like the experience we have at a Carp Fair Weekend.”


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