MPP Fullerton Provides Update Report on Local High Tech and Business Initiative

Published on December 14, 2021

Highlights support Ontario Government is providing local businesses through pandemic

Kanata-Carleton MPP Merrilee Fullerton today released a Fall 2021 Update Report that details for businesses and residences in Kanata and West Carleton the progress being made with the “Kanata-Carleton’s High Tech and Business Initiative.”

Kanata’s Carleton’s High Tech and Business Initiative – The Fall 2021 Update Report

In Spring 2019, MPP Fullerton published set of strategic objectives for fostering sustainability and prosperity in the Kanata-Carleton business community. Merrilee Fullerton identified four pillars of collaboration with the business leaders: 1) Profiling the Kanata North Footprint; 2) Attracting Venture Capital; 3) Strengthening Networks with the Education Community; 4) Extending Broadband, Internet and Cell Services.  

Since the initiative was made public, COVID-19 has changed business challenges and opportunities. MPP Fullerton explains the Fall 2021 Update Report identifies how the Ontario government is responding and how she is meeting the needs of the local business community. In her introductory message, Fullerton states, “I wish to make it easier for local businesses and entrepreneurs, innovators, and freelance professionals to succeed, whether they are operating in Kanata or in Kinburn – or any of the neighbourhoods in this City. With a clear set of objectives, I hope the coordinated activities outlined in my business initiative will bring greater prosperity to our community.”

In addressing the government’s pandemic relief in 2021, MPP Fullerton highlighted the Ontario Small Business Support Grant which provided 459 businesses in Kanata and West Carleton with more than $12.1 million in grant funding.  

Other highlights of the report include:

  • Collaboration on proactive agendas with all BIAs, business groups and leaders
  • Ontario Premier and senior provincial cabinet ministers plugged directly into Kanata businesses
  • $1.5 million financial support for the opening of Hub350 in Kanata North Tech Park
  • The MPP’s “Shop Local” awareness campaigns
  • On-going work with Invest Ottawa to attract venture capital
  • Profile ties between Ottawa universities and colleges and the local business community
  • Activities leading to the extension of broadband, Internet and cell services in western parts of the City

The MPP praises the hard work of the local business groups and she writes, “I am pleased with what we have done together to date – and I know there is much more work to accomplish. I look forward to our continued efforts for our business community.”

Merrilee Fullerton’s original March 2019 document is found here: Kanata-Carleton’s High Tech and Business Initiative.

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