MPP Fullerton Relaunches “Let’s Get Active” and Issues a 75-Day Summertime Challenge

Published on June 22, 2020

“Let’s Get Active”

Kanata-Carleton MPP Merrilee Fullerton has re-launched a community initiative designed to urge young people to become more physically active.

“Let’s Get Active” was initially introduced in mid-March (read launch media here). However the youth initiative was overshadowed by the news regarding the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MPP Fullerton is using the start of summer as an opportunity to talk about the initiative and to issue a “75-Day Summertime Challenge” to Kanata and West Carleton residents.  

“The 75-Day Summertime Challenge is a fun event to encourage people to record 75 physical activities they will accomplish through the summer months,” says MPP Fullerton. “There are 75 days between the first day of summer and Labour Day, so mark down each day whether you get out hiking or biking or playing a sport. I hope both young and young-at-heart will take up this challenge and let’s have an active summer.”

The MPP has produced a checklist of 75 suggested physical activities for residents to get active. She will be promoting this challenge throughout the summer in social media. Click here to access the checklist of suggested activities.

On the MPP website, residents can find an introductory paper “Let’s Get Active” which sets out the objectives of Fullerton’s initiative: to get youth active in sports and recreational activities so that they will develop healthy lifelong habits regarding physical activity. The paper presents 12 positive health effects that physical activity has on our youth. The document also provides background resources for further inquiry. Read the MPP’s introductory paper “Let’s Get Active.”

“Throughout my career in medicine, I have always stressed the significance of physical activity as the essential element to a person’s good health,” explained MPP Fullerton at the time of the “Let’s Get Active” launch on March 12th. “I believe being active is especially important for young people whose bodies and minds are developing. Physical activity strengthens the body and mind. This is more significant today than at any time in our history because of our sedentary lifestyles and computer culture.”

“I look forward to having fun keeping active this summer and hope everyone will join in to improve their health and well-being,” says Fullerton.

“Let’s Get Active” 75-Day Summertime Challenge Checklist.


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