MPP Fullerton Speaks At Ottawa Mayor’s Breakfast Series

Published on April 24, 2019

Kanata-Carleton MPP provides overview of Ontario Budget and insight into support for local business   

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton (centre) is seen with (left to right) West Carleton-March Councillor Eli El-Chantiry, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley, and Kanata North Councillor Jenna Sudds. 

April 24, 2019 / OTTAWA  – Kanata-Carleton MPP Merrilee Fullerton spoke today at the Ottawa Mayor’s Breakfast Series and provided an overview of the 2019 Ontario Budget and its impact on the residents of the City of Ottawa. In front of an audience of more than 200, the MPP took the opportunity to explain the government’s approach in fostering a supportive business climate for Ottawa’s high tech sector and business community.  

Merrilee Fullerton is a member of the Treasury Board Committee of Cabinet, responsible for the fiscal books of the Province. From that vantage point, the local MPP discussed the challenge of finding the right balance between government spending and addressing the Province’s debt.  Fullerton said: “Our government has stopped the reckless spending of the previous government, which was spending about $40 million a day more than they were taking in in revenues. That unsustainable spending left Ontario with a $343 billion mountain of debt.”

“Balancing the budget is not something driven by ideology – it is the crucial first step to ensuring that our hospitals, our schools, and other critical public services have the necessary funding for generations to come,” and Fullerton added, “We aim to be both fiscally responsible and compassionate.”

The Kanata-Carleton MPP spent time listing the measures in the 2019 Ontario Budget that directly impacted Ottawa residents.

  • No new tax increases announce – “Not a single one.”
  • Making the official commitment of $1.21 billion for Phase 2 of the LRT.
  • Providing a total of $2 million for the Children’s Treatment Centre at CHEO, which supports children with developmental disabilities.
  • Funding for the design of the new Civic Hospital campus.
  • Providing a total of $2 million to support Ottawa Police to combat local gangs and gun violence.
  • Providing a sense of certainty with the Ontario economy that our business community and international investors can trust.

On the last point, MPP Fullerton elaborated for the predominately business audience at the breakfast: “Let me state as someone who was involved in a medical clinic for years, I understand the commitment it takes to succeed, and the pressures of running a business. We are striving to create a business climate that will make it easier for local businesses, and entrepreneurs, innovators, and freelance professionals to succeed whether they are operating in Kanata or in Kinburn – or any of the neighbourhoods in this City.” 

Read Merrilee Fullerton’s full budget remarks here: MPP Fullerton’s Speech at Ottawa City Hall


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