MPP Releases Local High Tech and Business Initiative

Published on March 21, 2019

MPP Fullerton is raising greater awareness of Kanata-Carleton business community

March 21, 2019 – Kanata-Carleton MPP Merrilee Fullerton released today to local businesses and residents a “High Tech and Business Initiative” document with objectives she promised to pursue through her term in office. Within the document, Dr. Fullerton identifies four pillars of sustainability and growth to advance the interests of high tech and business in Kanata and West Carleton.

The MPP’s four pillars set out objectives for key areas of business development: 1) Profiling the Kanata-North Footprint; 2) Attracting Venture Capital; 3) Strengthening Networks with Education Community; and, 4) Extending Broadband, Internet and Cell Services.   

Fullerton says, “I stated through 2017 and in the lead up to the 2018 provincial election that there is more our provincial elected representatives can do to promote our local high tech scene and our business community. I intend on raising greater awareness of our business assets and the interests of the people of Kanata-Carleton.”

“It is time to profile the local high tech and business community so that we can create new opportunities locally, and attract new talent, new business, and new investment.”

In the document’s introduction the MPP reports: “I have been meeting with local employers, employees, business associations, and touring companies to talk about the challenges we are facing in our business community. I have listened to business owners and entrepreneurs in Kanata and West Carleton. I have had the opportunity to host business round tables, including one at Mitel specifically looking at challenges in Kanata North.”

Read the MPP’s full document here: High Tech and Business Initiative

Fullerton states she and her local Community Office staff will work towards the objectives identified in the document. She will release regular updates on the progress being made in the four key areas of activities. “I will be consulting with companies and constituents on this initiative in the months to come. I will raise these issues with my colleagues at Queen’s Park. I welcome all who wish to contribute to advancing our high tech and business interests to contact me and my office staff,” says Fullerton.

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