My 2021 Christmas Wish To You and Yours

Published on December 21, 2021

The Christmas season is a very special time of giving and sharing. It is a time to pause, reflect, and count our blessings.  This year, with the many on-going challenges presented by COVID-19 and its variants, our holidays and gatherings will be different. Yet, they can be memorable for us, especially when we consider all that we have to be grateful for in this community and with our loved ones.

Though this time of year is centered in traditions, sometimes life changes and the traditions we have need to be adapted. This year we should remember to honour our old traditions while we start new ones that accommodate and embrace our new realities.

I hold dear memories of past Decembers, of lovely Christmas traditions and family gatherings. I had so many wonderful times growing up as a kid and then raising a family of my own here in Kanata. It’s these memories that I find joy in – and I look to each year to make new ones.

Here are a few other thoughts about this wonderful season. I have always considered Christmas to be a time for charity, compassion, and empathy. Like no other time of the year, through December we are reminded of those in our community who are less fortunate. There are some people who find the holidays difficult, either from feeling financial strain or the stress of not being with a family member. We can all make a difference to help those in need by giving to our local charities, and by safely connecting with a neighbour or friend who is spending this time alone. I believe that the charity and generosity demonstrated each December brings out the best in ourselves and our community.

I also wish to take this opportunity to again express my gratitude for our front line health care and first responders and for workers who have continued to serve the public through the whole of the pandemic. I have great admiration for their professionalism, endurance and caring. I recognize many individuals will be away from their families to keep front line services operating. And, likewise, there are many who work through the holidays - and I know and appreciate your commitment. Thank you.

So to all residents in Kanata and West Carleton, I wish you the very best through this holiday season. My hope is that you will make new memories this season. Enjoy the moments you share with your loved ones and find ways to brighten the lives of others. May you experience health, peace, and gratitude.

And may the New Year bring us new beginnings.

Merry Christmas & Joyeux Noel to all!

Valentine Davis, the screen writer who wrote Miracle on 34th Street,

observed, “Christmas isn't just a day, it's a frame of mind."