Ontario Government Building New Student Spaces in Kanata & Stittsville

MPPs Merrilee Fullerton and Goldie Ghamari announce new schools

Information and Resources Page

Contact coordinates for COVID-19 information and services in our community

Updated May 28, 2020 / Reposted July 20, 2020

75-Day Summertime Challenge Checklist

“Let’s Get Active”


Reposted July 18, 2020 

Reporting on 211, Driver’s Licenses, and the Seniors’ Community Grant

The July MPP column in Community Voice 

MPP Fullerton Relaunches “Let’s Get Active” and Issues a 75-Day Summertime Challenge

“Let’s Get Active”

Staying Connected During COVID-19

The June MPP column in Community Voice 

Support Local Businesses “First and Foremost”

MPP Fullerton: "Make a conscious effort to buy local, shop in Ottawa shops, and do your business within the Ottawa...

Ontario's Plan to Reopen Business (First Stage)

First stage of Province's reopening framework set for Tuesday, May 19

Support Local Businesses to Reopen, Rebound and Grow

The May MPP column in Community Voice  

Support Through and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

The April MPP column in Community Voice