Health Resource Links for COVID-19 Information

Reposted April 13, 2020

MPP Report - March 2020 Issue

Featuring information on Provincial response to COVID-19

Provincial Response to COVID-19

Merrilee Fullerton's letter to residents 

Originally sent March, 17, 2020

Reposted on March 23, 2020

Volunteer in Our Community

Raising awareness of volunteer opportunities in Kanata and West Carleton  

[Updated March 23, 2020] 

“Let’s Get Active” And Live Healthier Lifestyles

The March MPP column in Community Voice  

Fullerton Is Encouraging Youth: “Let’s Get Active”

MPP Launches New Initiative To Urge Young People To Become More Physically Active

“Let’s Get Active”

A call for our youth to get up, get out, and get going! 

Fullerton Comments on Ontario’s Flooding Strategy Announcement

Reporting on the Provincial Government's actions regarding flood preparedness

Kanata North Day at Queen's Park

A picture gallery of the KNBA delegation in Toronto 

MPP Fullerton Facilitating “Kanata North Day” at Queen’s Park

KNBA is scheduled to meet four Ontario Ministers today