Our Community on the First Anniversary of the Tornadoes

Local MPP Merrilee Fullerton issues a brief statement 

Kanata Sobeys Receives Foodland Ontario Retailer Award for Local Food Promotion

Another First For Kanata North – and CAV Technology

The September MPP column in Our Community Voice - on connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology 

The Ontario Government’s Public Education Changes as they Relate to Students and Schools in Kanata-Carleton

Updated Facts on the Ontario Government's Public Education Changes 

MPP Fullerton views AMO Conference “Extremely Successful”

Reflections and photos from AMO meetings and events 

Provincial Government Highlights in Year 1

The August MPP column in Our Community Voice - on health care, environment and the fiscal approach 

Provincial Government Assistance for Residents in the West Carleton Flood Zone

1. DRAO program (incl. hydro costs) 

2. ESA relief  

3. Task Force review (incl. Ontario's Special Advisor) 

Introducing the Kanata-Carleton Community Volunteer Initiative

The July MPP column in Our Community Voice -- reflecting on the benefits of volunteerism in our community 

MPP Releases Community Volunteer Initiative

Merrilee Fullerton is raising greater awareness of the benefits of volunteering for Kanata-Carleton residents    

Kanata-Carleton Community Volunteer Initiative

It’s our community! Get out and get involved for a healthier, happier you and a better, stronger community.