Fullerton Is Encouraging Youth: “Let’s Get Active”

MPP Launches New Initiative To Urge Young People To Become More Physically Active

“Let’s Get Active”

A call for our youth to get up, get out, and get going! 

Fullerton Comments on Ontario’s Flooding Strategy Announcement

Reporting on the Provincial Government's actions regarding flood preparedness

Kanata North Day at Queen's Park

A picture gallery of the KNBA delegation in Toronto 

MPP Fullerton Facilitating “Kanata North Day” at Queen’s Park

KNBA is scheduled to meet four Ontario Ministers today 

Consider Volunteering in Our Community

The February MPP column in Community Voice  

Province Helping to Conserve West Carleton History

Ontario Government Invests in Local Museum and Heritage Organizations

Family Skates -- Feb 17 & Mar 16

Join me at my MPP Family Skates 

A New Year: Time to Look Back and Forward

The January MPP column in Community Voice  

MPP Fullerton's 2020 New Year's Levee

A Photo Gallery