Our Community on the First Anniversary of the Tornadoes

Published on September 20, 2019

Local MPP Merrilee Fullerton issues a brief statement 

September 20, 2019 – Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the six tornadoes that tore through West Carleton and the surrounding National Capital Region. Local Kanata Carleton MPP Merrilee Fullerton issues a brief statement to her constituents on this occasion.

Dear residents,

On that fateful day a year ago tornadoes touched down in our community and left devastating destruction in their wake. Homes and businesses were destroyed. More than 170,000 residents across the City of Ottawa were without power. Though some sustained injuries, miraculously, no one lost their life. Now, one year later, we look back to reflect.

Friday, September 21, 2018 is not the day in our community’s history that defines us. Rather it is the days and weeks after the tornadoes when people came together to pick up and carry forward. It is our banding together to rebuild that defines our community. It is our caring hearts, our resilient nature, our quiet determination.

Looking back now we know there is much to be thankful for: the first responders – emergency services, fire, police, medical personnel and hydro workers – were with us to provide the necessary assistance and relief in a time of need; the hundreds of volunteers were shoulder-to-shoulder with us; and, our neighbours, for their kindness and support, who helped each of us face the realities in the aftermath of the storm.

In reflecting on the events of the past year I know I share the feelings of many when I say that the residents of West Carleton are blessed.

Our community continues to be tested as we clean-up and look to recover and rebuild. Many challenges remain. To the families and businesses impacted by the events of a year ago, we know you bear the strain of rebuilding. Please be assured that our prayers, well wishes and our support continue to be with the residents of Dunrobin and all those affected through West Carleton. 


Merrilee Fullerton