Remembrance Day – A Day of Gratitude

Published on November 14, 2019

The November MPP column in Community Voice  


If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

In memoriam, may we never forget the sacrifices made, and never take for granted the liberties won.

I continue to be honored to take part in our community’s Remembrance Day activities as your Kanata-Carleton MPP representative. This year I was privileged to be in Constance Bay on Saturday, November 9th and in Kanata on Remembrance Day to participate in the official laying of the wreath for the Province of Ontario. It was also a privilege for my staff to attend the West Carleton War Memorial ceremony on Remembrance Day and lay the Province’s wreath. My thanks to West Carleton Legion Branch 616 and Kanata Legion Branch 638 and all volunteers who orchestrated such moving ceremonies.

The men and women who served in the World Wars and the wars that Canada has participated in since, command our respect and our gratitude for securing our quality of life, our liberties and our democratic freedoms. Similarly, we must recognize and thank the Canadian Forces personnel who continue to serve our country around the world. It is so important our citizenry, particularly our youth, do not devalue the tremendous costs of our peace and freedom. It is so important that we take to heart the words of WW1 Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae and not break the faith. We must give pause on November 11th to be grateful.

May I take this opportunity to urge all Canadians to support the good work of our local Legion Branches who contribute so much to our community throughout the year. Legion members are to be commended for their tireless volunteer services and for the fine example they set in demonstrating the core values of civic duty. A heartfelt thank you to our Legion Members in Kanata and West Carleton.  

Looking ahead…. I hope to see you at the following community events:

  • November 14 – Glen Cairn Tree Lighting Ceremony
  • November 16 – Kanata Santa Claus Parade
  • December 7 – Constance Bay Santa Claus Parade
  • December 14 – Carp Christmas Parade
  • January 4 – MPP New Year Levee

As we enjoy the festivities in this season of giving, please donate where you can to our local food banks and charities, and to the Salvation Army’s kettle campaign.


Thankful to WWII Veteran Roly Armitage for his service. It was

great to see him Saturday in Constance Bay (above).

It was wonderful to see youth out at the Constance Bay Service 

to recognize all those who served (below).  


Honoured to lay the wreath for the Government of Ontario

at the Kanata Service on Monday (below).