Response to Tornado Destruction

Published on October 04, 2018

The Community Voice MPP Column / October 4, 2018

The tornado that touched down in our community will be forever remembered for its horrific path of destruction. Sixty homes and Dunrobin businesses destroyed. More than 170,000 residents and businesses across Ottawa without power.

Today, our community bands together to clean up and rebuild.

The Ontario Government was swift in coming to the aid of our community. Within 24 hours, the Municipal Affairs Minister established the provinces’ Disaster Recovery Assistance program. Within 48 hours, the Premier had toured throughout Ottawa. Ontarians’ prayers and well wishes are with the residents of Dunrobin, Kinburn and all those affected through West Carleton. 

Through our difficulties, there is much to be thankful for. We can be grateful for the first responders – emergency services, fire, police, medical personnel and hydro workers – who provided assistance and relief in time of need. We can be grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who have been present, shoulder-to-shoulder with us, in a caring and helpful manner.

We can also thank our neighbours. This is an extremely difficult time for families and friends in Dunrobin. But I have seen on the Friday night, and through that weekend, the true strength and the resiliency of our community. This strength is seen with the kindness and support we provide one another and the quiet determination with which we face the realities of the aftermath of the storm.

It was reassuring to have the Premier visit Dunrobin on Sunday to personally talk with residents and thank the first responders. The Premier toured our community and observed: "It's absolutely heart-wrenching to see people’s lives uprooted like this,” and he pledged support:  “We will spare no expense to get peoples’ lives back up and going.”

Support is available:

  • Disaster Recovery Assistance program forms are available on-line: and individuals and businesses can call 1-844-780-8925.
  • The Insurance Bureau of Canada Consumer Information Centre is available for counsel and direction about claims. Call 1-844-227-5422.
  • If you need assistance to obtain provincial documents lost in the tornado contact the Constituency Office to speak with my assistants Tiffany or Dan. Call 613-599-3000.

People can donate:

  • The Canadian Red Cross is accepting financial donations by phone, 1-800-418-1111, or at local Red Cross offices.
  • The Salvation Army is accepting donations of clothes, furniture or household items either at their Sally Anne thrift stores or pickups can be arranged for large items by phone, 613-247-1435 ext. 228.

As the community begins to rebuild, please contact my office if I can be of any assistance. Call 613-599-3000 or e-mail: [email protected]