Staying Connected During COVID-19

Published on June 04, 2020

The June MPP column in Community Voice 

With the Ontario Government announcing the re-opening of businesses and services, we are getting back to work and resuming our daily routines – of course, with the necessary health and safety conditions in place to avoid the spread of COVID-19. We are beginning to understand our “new normal.”  During this period, if you have concerns, it is important to stay connected – and here are a few resources and ideas that may help.

INDIVIDUAL HELP: The Province is providing financial, mental health, and other supports such as relief with rent and electricity costs. Learn more about what is available here: The Province offers support services for those in health care and for workers in a range of sectors:

BUSINESS HELP: The Province is providing a full range of programs and services to help Ontario’s business community reopen. Businesses are encouraged to review the information at

For all residents in Kanata and West Carleton, please think first and foremost about supporting our local business community. Buy at your neighbourhood retailer and small business. Consider Ottawa’s many medium- and larger-sized businesses for your manufactured goods and your contract services. And please support our local farmers and agri-food businesses.

SUPPORTING AGRICULTURE: Federal and provincial governments are providing support to farmers to ensure the continued supply of healthy food products for consumers. Farmers will be able to enhance health and safety measures for employees, and support is available for farmers experiencing unexpected housing and transportation costs. Contact my office for information.

OUTDOOR EXERCISE: Ottawa parks are open and accessible -- as are provincial parks. We finally have glorious weather – so get outside, plan a family outing or a sojourn to Fitzroy Provincial Park, Trillium Wood, or Walter Baker Park. Sun and exercise is great for your physical and mental well-being. 

STAY INFORMED: Keep up to date on the latest news of assistance and support services from every level of government. For contact coordinates in our community, reference my Information & Resources webpage:

GET TESTED: If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, get tested. In Ottawa, any resident who feels they need a test, even if they are not showing symptoms, can go for testing at the COVID-19 Assessment Centre or COVID-19 Care Clinics. As a reminder, the Province also has provided an enhanced and interactive on-line assessment tool.

STAY IN TOUCH: My Community Office staff is currently working virtually – and we encourage constituents to stay in touch by phoning or emailing. Tiffany, Daniel or I will be pleased to assist with your requests or inquiries about provincial programs and services.